Postcolonial Environments is a one day symposium that will bring together scholars and students interested in the role of environments in colonial and postcolonial encounters and the relations that they engender. Responding to the current impetus in postcolonial studies to return to questions of materiality and locality, the symposium will provide a forum for the discussion of the significance of social and physical environments and the unusual or unexpected ways in which relationships in and to particular places develop.

The symposium will consider how articulations of home, migration, displacement and imperialism must involve examining connections with place as well as between people. Such connections are not restricted to discussions of kinship, but are relevant to the affective dimension of global geographies and political power.  The day will address how ecologies, localities and communities have a role in empowering independence movements and in addressing the need for the recuperation or articulation of national, racial, gender and class identities in decolonised countries.  It will also consider both the transformative impact of postcolonial relations and the sense of loss at the empire’s centre.

Friday 24th January 2014, University of Manchester UK


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